Basketball Vols

A lot has happened in basketball since I last thought about writing anything down on a blog.  This is one UT fan who is not surprised  with the success of the team as of late. Am I surprised we beat Kansas? Well yes, but outside of that I am not surprised at all. I have maintained for over a year now that Bruce Pearls/Tony Jones rotation of players has taken a toll on the team chemistry as well as individual performances. Ever since I watched them shuffle Josh Tabb and Bobby Maze in and out on a play 5 sit 4 play 4 sit 5 basis, I have had a huge problem. You cant win with Two QB’s and your not gonna win with Two PG’s sharing equal time. With the suspension of the four players I was extremely anxious to see how the new rotation would affect the Vols. Low and behold it would seem I was right all along. Bobby Maze has been exceptional, looking like a true point guard. With his increase in minutes he has gotten in to the flow of the game and has not had to put so much pressure on himself to do something extraordinary in the five minutes he is on the floor. he even went on the radio and made a comment to support my year-long theory. Renaldo Woolridge looks like the player we hoped he was going to be last year when he showed up on campus. Again I relate this to him knowing he is going to get some minutes, so he doesn’t have to run out there and force up a three before he has to sit back down.  Chism has stepped up more than anyone and where has he been the most dominant? Under the basket! He has really taken the team on his shoulders and it seems he is more of a “leader” the Tyler ever was. The biggest surprise to me is Kenny Hall, not so much that he is a good player, but why he hasn’t gotten to play more before now. Kenny has shown me more toughness, more ability and more heart in the last cpl of weeks then Big Baby ever has! Another thing I am glad I am finally getting to witness is some of the Talent everyone swears the Scotty Hopson has. Well Scotty thank you because when you are on, it is a true joy to watch. I am loving the moves your making to the hoop. Anyway I truly hope this trend continues, however I have a feeling that Bruce will work his rotation back up to where the minutes become scarce for Bobby, Renaldo and Kenny. When this happens I fear the Vols will digress back to what we were seeing prior to the new year’s day incident.


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